Nuralz Neem Soap – Ayurvedic Neem Soap

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Nuralz Neem Soap - Ayurvedic Neem Soap
Nuralz Neem Soap – Ayurvedic Neem Soap


Effective for skin wellness

✔️ Great Fragrance: Refreshing and Rejuvenating.

✔️ Sourced from Gramudyog: Certified Khadi Product.

✔️ Handmade and handcrafted.

✔️ 100% natural extracts.

✔️ Ayurvedic formulations: Suitable for all skin types.






For those familiar with Ayurveda, using neem and aloe vera for beautiful skin, it comes as no surprise that neem and aloe vera are increasingly being used in today's skincare products.

However, someone more accustomed to the chemical-heavy choices on most drugstore shelves, seeing neem on a product label might cause a bit of panic. Fear not. Neem and aloe vera are not only safe but extremely beneficial for maintaining beautiful skin.

Organic Nuralz Neem Soap

Nuralz Neem Soap is formulated for sensitive skin which ensures cleaning, with extra care. It's anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-acne, and so much more! It is a soap that contains pure natural Neem Oil and aloe vera gel. Without any artificial or harmful ingredient in it, organic Neem Soap, by Nuralz, provides countless benefits to the skin with complete nourishment.

Nature’s Stream Organic Nuralz Neem Soap is an anti-bacterial soap that protects the skin from Bacteria and its antiseptic properties give protection against infections. For sensitive skin, it is the best choice. It's a balanced combination of wheatgerm oils and Olive oils which creates a soft lather and keeps your skin moisturized.

Ayurvedic Skin Benefits 

✔️ Heals scars.

✔️ Fights Acne

✔️ Treats pigmentation.

✔️ Moisturisaturizer 

✔️ Natural exfoliator 

✔️ Clear and glowing skin

✔️ Treats skin infections

✔️ Anti-aging

✔️ Tackles the issue of body odour.

✔️ Oil control.


About Nuralz Neem Soap – Ayurvedic Neem Soap

Suggestions :

✔️ First, wet your hands, and then rub the Nuralz Neem Soap gently between them until the bar lathers up. Massage the lather over your body before rinsing with water.

✔️ Limitation of label graphics/colour/pack design is a punishable offence.

✔️ Acne

✔️ Wrinkled Skin

✔️ Daily Use

✔️ Dry Skin



Neem is a natural herb that comes from the neem tree, other names for which include Azadirachta indica and Indian lilac.

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera is a well known herbal plant which is commonly known as Ghritkumari.

olive oil

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a major component of the Mediterranean diet. It is rich in antioxidants.

wheat grain oil

Wheat Grain Oil

Wheat germ oil is extracted from the kernel of the wheat grain. It’s packed with vitamin E.

Frequently asked questions

I have rashes on my body is this suit on my skin?

Yes, of course!

Can it be use on hair

Yes, our products are herbal can be used on hair as well without any side effects. But better follow the instructions mentioned on the pack.

Can it be used for oily skin...??

Yes it is useful for oily skin too

Does it helps in pimples?

It doesn’t remove anything. Pimples come from inside. However, this soap is a powerful antiseptic. Kills bacteria and germs and keeps one free from catching any anti-skin parasites.

2 reviews for Nuralz Neem Soap – Ayurvedic Neem Soap

  1. 4 out of 5


    I discovered that showering with this cleansing bar just before bedtime really helps me sleep. Ancient formulas often have applications we can’t explain. If it works I really don’t care if its modern or ancient. Relief is what it counts a perfect bar to start with your refreshing day.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Gurnam Singh

    This soap is wonderful. Not too drying, and you can barely smell the neem. (It IS there – the scent just doesn’t overwhelm, like some other neem soaps I’ve tried.) My skin looks and feels much better, especially my face. It’s also great for cleaning minor wounds and abrasions, and it does seem to help them heal faster. Definitely recommend the 12-pack, especially for a family.

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